What is Pole Sabz?


Pole Sabz is a powerful social platform that does not compromise user privacy. The project started 5 years ago and has been in steady development for the past 3 years.


In today’s world having a social footprint is essential in giving you or the product/service that you provide a competitive edge. Unfortunately due to the constant violation of user privacy, entrusting information to current social providers can be frightening. That is where Pole Sabz comes in.


Pole Sabz provides an alternative social platform where user information is not sold to advertising companies. Pole Sabz revenue will come from the service it provides to advanced user accounts and business entities. Users/entities can publish notes, blog posts, pictures, videos and much more based on their account type. Pole Sabz clearly distinguishes and allows users to choose what content is public and what is private.


The public content will get published in Pole Sabz public repositories where it would be intelligently categorized and sorted for all users to browse and enjoy. The private content will only be accessible by those who the content is intended for. The following image is a screenshot from the current public pages in development.



Pole Sabz uses HTML5 throughout the site to provide beautiful and consistent experience. The UI has been designed to be touch friendly to provide better compatibility for touchscreen devices. Pole Sabz uses some of the most advanced JavaScript and CSS combinations to provide a breathtaking design without sacrificing performance or stability.


Pole Sabz uses several systems which have been designed from ground up to work well together. These systems provide a complete  and comprehensive service that would cover all the needs of users/entities from basic socialization to advance social activities and business interaction.


Exhibit (provides the core of the social platform)


Floodgate (complex algorithm that intelligently organizes content)


CIMA (Provides media upload, organization and presentation)


Bazaar (Allows entities to sell digital content)





There are two goals that need to be completed.

1.  Completion of the social platform (Exhibit, Floodgate and CIMA)


2.  Completion of the Bazaar system



Project Progress


Current development is at stage 1 the completion of the social platform. The following are the outstanding tickets for each system and their status.



1.Notification number not showing correctly.

2. Fix incorrect gallery link.

3. Removing boxy box and replacing it with colorbox.

4. Notification links to incorrect pages.

5. Mail notification shows up in action notification.

6. Some notifications don’t clear properly.

7. Follow notification should show under connection section.

8. Adding notes to media types.

9. Create entity exhibit pages to be managed by users.

10. Implement Exhibit action flow.

11. Implement related contents based on the related content algorithm.

12. Implement hashtag or similar concept for creating topics.

13. Implement mark as favorite.

14. Use jquery slider to show/hide user information.

15. Add privacy option to all Exhibit user/entity info fields.

16. Add text editor for advanced text editing.

17. Build the user login and registration page.



1. Better an integration of post statistics and Floodgate.

2. Update Floodgate to accept media content as well.

3. Cleanup Floodgate UI to match the new site design.

4. Update Floodgate algorithm for better sorting of content based on interest.

5. Modify the page view counter to properly count hits on all media types.



1. Replace the JWplayer with Videojs HTML5 player.

2. Replace the SWF uploader with HTML5 uploader.

3. Add keywords to media types.

4. Cleanup the colorbox popup to better present media content.

5. Gallery URL to pass all necessary information.

6. Use jquery sliders to hide/show media and gallery information.

7. Add language selection to media content.

8. Cloud integration to offload media on CDN.

9. Cloud video encoding implementation.

10. Rework success/error messaging.

11. Cleanup the JS code for better performance.

12. Create methods to handle user/entity media quotas.

13. Set a maximum upload limit to prevent page lockup.

14. Add privacy option to media content.

15. Implement URL history for colorbox popus for correct bookmarking.

16. Properly save the geo tag information of uploaded photos.

17. Add inline editing for all medias.